Move in day!?

Last week was my first official week of college! When move in day came around I found myself riddled with anxiety and actually experienced my first panic attack the night before I left. It’s a big change to go through and I don’t think that my mind was prepared for this big change. Luckily I had my parents to help me move in so I wasn’t completely alone, did that mean I told them about my panic attack, nope. That’s just how I am, keeping things to myself. Does anyone relate to this? Sharing feelings just isn’t my cup of tea.

Anyways, move in went pretty smooth surprising, it didn’t even take us that long to move all my stuff into my room. Since this is the summer term all the students on campus are in one dorm building which contains only apartment style dorms. This means I currently have a room to myself.  I was super excited to meet my roomies and bond. We actually are turning out to be great friends which is a nice change from high school.

Sadly, the next day rolled around, which meant my parents were leaving. I wouldn’t say that I’m close to either of my parents, but I just spent the past 18 years living with them so I was sad when they were leaving. I tried to make the process painless and ushered them out in a world record of 0.3 seconds. I knew that if I saw my dad cry, I would instantly burst into tears. Luckily when they left neither of my roomates were in the dorm so I could cry my eyes out by myself, like usual.

After I got all the tears out of my system I didn’t know what to do with myself. No one was at the dorm, so of course, what would a teenage girl do in their freetime. Netflix! I am currently watching Vampire Diaries, and it’s pretty good, no spoilers though I’m only on the second season!!

At the end of the day I was thinking to myself about how I thought move in day would be this hideously sad, tiring, and annoying day. Where I would have to meet person after person and converse with people. But, it wasn’t, at least not for me. If you’re reading this and you haven’t moved on to college yet, I stress to you to prepare your mind. Keep your move in date in your head every day, because although you know the number it will come a lot faster that it looks on the calander. Don’t be suprised the week before that your moving in 7 days, because I was, and that’s how the anxiety and panic started for me. Knowing that I didn’t do anything over the summer with friends that I’ll won’t see in a year or forever. Don’t spend your summer days on Netflix watching the new season of Orange is the New Black or sleeping the day away because when you get to that date, that you shoved to the back of your mind, you will regret not making memories with the people you care about.


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