Friends…guess not…maybe

My first week of college has been one for the books. My college made a whole week of welcome with events for freshman so we could meet new people. It’s been a lot of fun but that first day of class was so nerve racking. You don’t know what college is like, and this is your first taste of it. And, it didn’t turn out too bad. I found out that my roommate from orientation is in both of my classes, this is the summer term so I’m only in 2 classes currently. I was thrilled to know that I could have a study buddy.

About a week before I moved in, I received my room assignment, I was supposed to room with this girl that I met on our housing portal but I didn’t even end up being in the same apartment as her.  We bonded over messages and assumed that even though we weren’t roommates we’d still be good friends. I thought this was going to happen but then she was in one of my classes and everything changed. I texted her for an assignment and got blown up in the face about her not caring if I did something or not. I was in shock, I thought that we were friends. But, I thought wrong.

Since the incident, I’ve tried to avoid her, not make the awkward eye contact because we both know we didn’t want to look at the other. We were successful with this until tonight. The staff on campus held an event and she sat next to me. I was a little confused at first, my mind immediately going to the conversation we had on text. I decided to ignore the past and live in the present. We conversed and pretended like nothing happened before. We joked, laughed, and sympathized with each other. Should I be cautious of thinking she is a friend now? I’m lost and confused. What should I do? How should I think?


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